Are you looking for a system that allows you to fully control your store remotely andfrom anywhere around the world? Wika Store is a cloud-based system that offersyou high efficiency for complete store management; you will have a full and aneffective control over sales, customers, storages, data analytics, and detailed regularreports.

Whether you own a small handmade products business, or operate a multi-million corporation with hundreds of franchises, our system will make both your job and life easier.

Wika Store

Cloud POS Soultion

Wika Store System Advantages

  • The system provides easy-to-use display interfaces, showing sales, profits, expenses, and equity accompanied by illustrating graphs for deeper insight.
  • The system allows you to connect multiple branches and have central control over the movement of products, goods, and liquidity between branches.
  • You can observe the items on higher demand and rate products according to popularity levels, you can find the average selling price for each item, or change the prices of all products in correlation to the variation in the currency’s exchange rate, all at the touch of a button, you may also use the currency of your choice for invoices, and for all or some products selectively.
  • The system offers you a variation of alarms you could set, for new products importation when levels are running low, for the maximum level in storages if/when overstocked, and many more.
  • You can add clients and suppliers to the system, and follow up on the payments due from/to either of them in cases of post-paid deals or in instalment payments.
  • The system also shows you the amounts of cash flow daily/weekly/ or monthly as required, whilst divided by payment method: (Cash, Mobile Apps, or Credit Cards). You can also transfer money internally within the system from your various accounts, for example: transfer from your US Dollars account to SDG account or any other.
  • The system provides regular detailed reports (daily, weekly and monthly) as required, and downloads them in PDF extension so you may save, share or print them directly.

How to Obtain the Wika Store System

We offer you the Wika Store system through SAS (Software at Service) renewable annual subscription, which provides you with the following:

  • Obtainment of the store management system.
  • Getting free hosting for your system in the global servers so you may run your business from anywhere anytime.
  • Access to continuous follow up from our specialized team to ensure the smooth operation and effectiveness of the system.
  • Customer care centre at your fingertips for all your inquiries 24/7.
  • Free of charge complete maintenance of your system during the entire subscription periods.

We also offer you additional systems, including integrated accounting system, accounts management, services management, human resources management, and clients’ classification and communications management

Wika is truly, and undoubtedly more than you expect!